Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ruined Temple 101

So, to continue with my bases, I present the "Ruined Temple" 25mm bases from Secret Weapon miniatures.
To do these bases, you'll need the same materials used with the "Tech Factory" bases - minus the Realistic Water/Oil Stains.
After getting them clipped, filed and looking the way I wanted them to, I washed them in a diluted soapy water (1 part dish detergent to 5 parts water). Then I mounted them and left them overnight to dry.
When they were dry and the glue had set, I gave them a very thin basecoat of Skull White.
When the Skull White had dried, I added the first undercoat. I gave half the bases a Graveyard Earth coat and half a Khemri Brown coat.
When this had dried, I gave them a second undercoat. Again, dividing them in half. One set got a mix of Vallejo Ivory and Vallejo Off-White. The other set got Kommando Khaki.
At this point, I went back into the recesses with a toothpick to remove any built up paint and gave the areas a coat of Devlan Mud.
When the ink dried, I gave them a coat of Vallejo Ivory.
I then gave them a heavy drybrush of Bleached Bone (just short of a full coat).
They then received a drybrush (real drybrush) of Skull White.
So, I now had the basic marble color the way I wanted it. It was time to go back in and work on the grout.
For the grout, I first used a variety of the dark browns in the Citadel range (IIRC I used Desert Yellow, Bestial Brown, Scorched Earth and Calthan Brown).
Try to paint the recesses with the brush angled toward the smaller "strips" of the surface - as these will be covered over later (easier to fix!).
I then painted Ogryn Flesh Wash into the recesses and large cracks and "divots".
So, now the grout is finished. Time to move onto the small surface areas.
I started by giving them a base of Vallejo Scarlett Red (on half) and Scab Red (on the other half).
The Scarlett Red bases then got a coat of Vallejo Gory Red. The Scab Red bases got a coat of Red Gore.
(Though they are basically the same color, it's amazing how different they are when fully dry!)
They then received a drybrush of Blood Red.
The hard edges and upward points of the rubble areas were then given a detail of Blazing Orange.
At this point, I also went back in and "continued" the bases down the side. These bases had a very distinctive "dividing line" around the circumference. The Scarlett Red/Scab Red was continued down to the very bottom of the base. The Gory Red/Red Gore was only continued down to the dividing line. The grout areas got a mix of Bleached Bone and Rotting Flesh all the way to the bottom of the base.
I then returned to the cracks and divots in the base and gave them another wash of Gryphonne Sepia.
The marble parts of the bases were now basically done. I know moved on to the gilding and the hard edging.
For the gilding, I painted a very thing line of Shining Gold on any straight edge (of the red marble) - again, only the straight edges, if there was a crack or divot, the gilding would be lost.
For the hard edging, I went in with Titanium White and painted any straight edge or large "side" piece of the cracks.
To finish the bases I gave the entire surface, sides and bottom one final - and liberal - coat of Gryphonne Sepia.
And there's a set of fully finished "Ruined Temple" bases!
Some shots of them in a nicer presentation:

Hope you find this useful!
As always, happy painting!
Sons of Prospero


  1. They look amazing. Did you keep the two "groupings" of bases the same throughout or mix 'n match?

  2. Thanks!
    I kept the groupings separate until they all got the same color as the top coat. So all the Vallejo colors stayed together and all the GW colors stayed together until they got the last coat/drybrush.
    Since I didn't change the colors on the side, it's still fairly easy to see (in "real life") which set is which.